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Travel Training

Our Travel Training Program is for people with disabilities and seniors who want to learn to travel independently using the fixed route FAX bus system. Travel Training Specialist can show you how to safely and independently ride the bus. We provide one–on–one individual training that gives people the skills required to travel safely on fixed-route transportation.

What are the Benefits of Riding the Bus?

Riding the bus will bring you increased independence and supports an active lifestyle. While paratransit service such as Handy Ride require you to schedule at least a day in advance, riding the fixed route bus system gives you the freedom to come and go as you please. Want to make last minute plans to join your friends for dinner or a movie? Using fixed route bus service is the answer.

Photo of an individual about to board the lift on a FAX bus.Concerned about accessibility? No problem! All FAX buses are equipped with lifts, ample space for passengers who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices, provide audible announcements of major intersections, and much more.  

Our goal as Travel Trainers is to empower you with the information you need to improve your ability to travel independently. 

Our Travel Training program will show you: 

  • How to travel from one destination to another 
  • How to read the bus schedule
  • How to pay bus fare
  • How to board and exit the bus
  • How to transfer from one bus to another
  • How and when to request a stop
  • How to make a safe and efficient plan of travel
  • Tips for good communication and safety when riding the bus

It’s convenient: With hundreds of bus stops there’s sure to be one near you 

It’s healthy: Get more exercise by walking/rolling

Its about connecting to your community: Its easy to travel in your neighborhood or across the city

Contact RICV for more information about this program by calling 559-221-2330.